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What We Do

About Us

Collective Us exists as an innovation agency and one stop shop for advertising, creative and development. We are a new agency with a wealth of experience established out of a successful in-house agency, Digital Bunker.

We promise to bring vision, collaboration and innovation. To all project partnerships, we contribute our experience, intelligence and passion in order to develop inspired solutions for you. The results of working with us will impress you.

Software & App Development

We design, develop and deploy stunningly good software products.

With a healthy history of successful Mobile Apps, Salesforce Plugins, Custom Developments and Web Apps we can bring innovation to your software development requirements.

Web Services

We work with our clients to provide bespoke websites, search engine optimisation, advertising and social media promotion.

The web is full of possibilities so we work with our clients to narrow down focus onto items of best return.

Media and Graphic Design

We deliver amazing and beautiful work in graphic design, UI, UX, photography, videography and more.

Our aim is that your finished product be practical to use and beautiful to behold. Video and photography are especially critical with todays short attention spans and high consumption of media.

Unique Projects

From full body high definition 3D scanners to automated unattended musical rehearsal rooms, our team has unmatched experience doing things never done before.

If you have a unique project, allow us to work with you to bring it to life.

Our Simple Step

Process Flow


We start by actually listening to what you require. We understand that you are an expert at your own business and we work to understand best the goals you want to achieve. We work to deliver solutions to the real issues you explain.


We take a deeper look at the issues you wish to solve and propose solutions. By identifying possible solutions we can determine if a solution is appropriate.


We create bespoke solutions for your problems. From design to digital development, we take the time to ensure our product meets your needs.


We deliver on your demands. Regardless of it is ongoing advertising, creative or a once off project. We ensure our project hits the targets established at the start.

Spotlight on a few

Areas of Experience

We've worked across a diverse range of projects, from out of home advertising to the most technical application development.
We would love to work with you to activate your brand and expand your influence.

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Web Design

Get online, get a site up, get some search engine activity going and pump some Google AdWords to build your business now.
Just ask the Speakeasy Group, a boutique bar and resturant group in Australia, who trust us to look after every aspect of the web presence.

Brand Identity

Make it you. Get branding that suits your business. We develop all types of print and online templates for new and established businesses.
Companies like Salvis, a Melbourne Cleaning Company, rely on us to brand their company and deliver their printed and online materials.

Search Engine Optimisation

Build your audience and get recurring enquiries with increasing return on investment and decreasing expenses.
We don't make lazy commitments around keywords like some providers. We commit to increased enquiries, sales and customer conversions. To be successful you need to be present well not just join the search enginge rat-run.


Build your image with stunning photography from our amazing creative media team.
Stunning images are essential for stunning results, especially in this age of social media. Where image is everything, businesses like Salon Blend trust us to show just how amazing they are.


Tell your story in a way people want to hear it. We take your message and transform it into an enthralling media bite suitable to your clients.
Those who have a unique and powerful story to tell, like Big Child Care know a picture tells a thousand words but a video can tell a whole story.

Something Special

We build unique online campaigns to suit our clients: eSports, beauty, food, fashion, technology and more. We know how to find your audience and prompt them into action.
For example, to reach an audience proficient with online adblockers an eSports business DBESports was born. Through it we ran eSports competitions and activated over 1,000 new enquiries that otherwise were unreachable using standard online advertising.